Vol 5, No 2 (2013)

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Table of Contents

Tracking of Head Position Relative to the Screen Using Head Mounted Camera PDF
Evaldas Borcovas, Gintautas Daunys 65-69
Image Filtering with Field Programmable Gate Array PDF
Arūnas Šlenderis, Gintautas Daunys 70-73
Modified SURF Algorithm Implementation on FPGA For Real-Time Object Tracking PDF
Tomyslav Sledevič 74-78
The Efficiency Analysis of the Augmented Reality Algorithm PDF
Dovilė Kurpytė 79-83
Expert System for Data Security Risk Management for SMEs PDF
Justinas Janulevičius, Nikolaj Goranin 84-87
Use of Ontologies in Mapping of Information Security Requirements PDF
Simona Ramanauskaitė, Eglė Radvilė, Dmitrij Olifer 88-91
Comparison of the Rest Architectural Style with Soap in Implementation of Modern Web Services PDF
Kęstutis Stankevičius 92-95
Control of the Hexapod Walking Robot PDF
Raimondas Zubavičius, Nerijus Paulauskas, Martynas Šapurov 96-100
FPGA-Based Implementation of Lithuanian Isolated Word Recognition Algorithm PDF
Tomyslav Sledevič, Liudas Stašionis 101-104
Energy Detector Implementaton in FPGA for Estimation of Word Boundaries PDF
Liudas Stašionis, Tomyslav Sledevič 105-108
Simulation of Frequency Controlled Electric Drive Using Scalar Control Method PDF
Jonas Kriaučiūnas, Laurynas Kerpė 109-114
The Research of the Basic Channel Control Process of Petroleum Distillation and Development of Dynamic Models PDF
Vitaliy Likhavitski 115-118
Analysis of Voltage Forming Methods for Multiphase Inverters PDF
Tadas Lipinskis 119-123
Methods of Synthesis of Automatic Control Systems with Delay PDF
Aliaksandr Lapeta 124-127
All Digital Phase-Locked Loop PDF
Marijan Jurgo 128-132
OperationalAmplifier Analysis when Migrating from 0.18 µm to 65 µm CMOS Technology PDF
Karolis Kiela, Marijan Jurgo 133-138
Constant Slip Control System of an Asynchronous Motor PDF
Martynas Šapurov, Raimondas Zubavičius, Vytautas Bleizgys 139-142
Problems of Using Femtocells in Public Cellular Networks PDF
Karolis Žvinys 143-149
Voice Quality in Mobile Telecommunication System PDF
Evaldas Stankevičius 150-154
Data Transfer Throughput Research Over Mobile Networks PDF
Karolis Žvinys 155-159
Investigation of the Concentrated Double Layer Six-Phase Winding PDF
Benas Kundrotas 160-163
The Model of Brushless Dc Motor Drive PDF
Aurelijus Pitrėnas 164-168
Smart Induction Drive PDF
Donatas Uznys 169-172
The Frequency Characteristics of Coupled Microstrip Lines PDF
Audrius Krukonis, Šarūnas Mikučionis 173-180

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