Vol 1, No 1 (2009)

Engineering Systems for Building

Table of Contents

A Review of Adsorbents Used for Storm Water Runoff Cleaning PDF
Andrius Agintas, Marina Valentukevičienė 7-10
Changes in the Iron and Manganese Content and Turbidity in the Vilnius City Water Supply System PDF
Ramunė Albrektienė 11-13
Hydraulic Modeling of Pressurized Wastewater Pipeline PDF
Karolis Baltrukėnas, Dalius Misiūnas 14-17
Air Conditions Evaluation Quality and Accuracy in Residential and Working Places Using Measuring Thermal Anemometers PDF
Agnė Bertašienė 18-21
Analysis of Possibilities of Usage Geothermal Energy PDF
Aidas Blažys, Petras Urbonas 22-25
Calibration of Results of Water Meter Test Facility PDF
Andrius Bončkus, Gediminas Gediminas 26-28
The Research on Metrological Characteristics of House Water Meters during Transitional Flow Regimes PDF
Inga Briliūtė, Eugenijus Maslauskas 29-31
Research on Granular Media of Stormwater Sediments (On the Street and Stormwater Treatment Plants) PDF
Ginta Cholomskytė, Aušra Mažeikienė 32-34
The Seasonal Coefficient of Energy Transformation for Real Heat Pump PDF
Rolandas Jonynas, Rokas Valančius, Vykintas Šuksteris 35-37
Possibilities of Analysis of Household Waste Utilization for Energy Production PDF
Dalius Kriptavičius, Petras Urbonas, Genrika Rynkun 38-41
Investigation of Composition of Particle Size in Sediments of Stormwater Sedimentation Tank PDF
Daiva Laučytė, Regimantas Dauknys 42-45
Quantities of Sediments Collected at Storm Water Runoff Treatment Plants and Their Future Dynamics PDF
Ernesta Lubytė 46-48
Upstream Installation Effects on Metrological Characteristics of Flow Sensors PDF
Eugenijus Maslauskas, Gediminas Zygmantas 49-51
Research on Stormwater Pollution and Flow at Kaunas Town PDF
Gediminas Rudys, Mindaugas Rimeika 52-55
Quantities of Storm Water Runoff from Urban and Industrial Territories at Vilnius City PDF
Valerijus Sauk, Martynas Baltrušaitis, Regimantas Dauknys 56-58
Research on Aeration Systems Efficiency in Small Wastewater Treatment Plants PDF
Ala Sokolova 59-61
Reduction of Accident Rate in Heat Supply Networks by the Analysis of Pipe Rupture Statistical Data PDF
Adomas Ūselis, Artur Rogoža 62-64
The Use of Water Plants for Storm Water Runoff Treatment PDF
Lina Varneckaitė, Vaidas Vinciūnas, Dalius Misiūnas 65-67
Analysis of Efficiency for Current Heat Pump PDF
Vygantas Žėkas, Vytautas Martinaitis 68-71

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