Vol 2, No 1 (2010)

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Table of Contents

Quality Assessment of Optic Nerve Disk Images PDF
Viktorija Puzienė, Darius Jegelevičius 5-8
Automatic Selection of Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Gel with Least Geometric Distortions PDF
Dalius Matuzevičius 9-13
Investigation of Optimal Integrated Circuit Raster Image Vectorization Method PDF
Leonas Jasevičius, Giedrius Masalskis 14-18
Survey of Skeletonization Methods PDF
Jarek Rokicki 19-22
Biometric Features in Person Recognition Systems PDF
Edgaras Ivanovas 23-26
Control and Data Collection System for Solar Thermal Collectors PDF
Dominykas Vasarevičius 27-31
Economical Interpolator in a ΣΔ D/A Converter PDF
Vytenis Puidokas 32-35
Analysis of Hexapod Robot Locomotion PDF
Tomas Luneckas 36-39
Investigation of Noise in Electronic Ultrasonic Systems PDF
Paulius Adomavičius 40-44
Digital Processing of Investigated DAC’S Signals PDF
Tomas Ustinavičius 45-49
Sensor Network Data Fusion Methods PDF
Martynas Vervečka 50-53
PLL Design and Investigation in CMOS PDF
Jevgenij Charlamov 54-58
Investigation of Impact of the Gate Circuitry on IGBT Transistor Dynamic Parameters PDF
Vytautas Bleizgys, Andrius Platakis 59-62
Investigation of Three-Pole Oscillation Circuit PDF
Narimantas Kutka, Saulius Goceikis 63-67
Investigation of Strain Measurement Method with Balancing Currents PDF
Ričardas Masiulionis 68-72
Simulation and Emuliation in NCTUns PDF
Antanas Vindašius 73-76
Intervehicle Communication Research – Communication Scenarios PDF
Šarūnas Stanaitis 77-80
Analysis of the Service Availability in Mobile Data Transmission Systems PDF
Dmitrijus Balčiūnas 81-84
Model of Two-Mass Electromechanical System PDF
Sigitas Juraitis 85-89
Model of Current Space Vector Control PDF
Robertas Janickas 90-94
Research and Improvement of Precise Angle Control System PDF
Sigitas Šakalinis 95-98
The Research Results of the Linear Electromagnetic Motor Mathematical Model PDF
Marijanas Molis 99-102
Investigation of Calculation Techniques of Finite Difference Method PDF
Audrius Krukonis 103-107
Frequency Properties of the Non-Homogeneous Periodical Line PDF
Andrius Katkevičius 108-111
Parallel System for Analysis of Meander Delay Line PDF
Raimondas Pomarnacki 112-116
Gyrotropic Waveguides Analysis PDF
Darius Plonis 117-121

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