Vol 2, No 2 (2010)

Business in XXI Century

Table of Contents

Analysis of Territory Planning Regulations Concerning Modernization of Residential Areas PDF
Jurgita Alchimovienė, Neringa Gudienė 5-10
Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment Influence on National Economy PDF
Raimonda Brenkevičiūtė 11-17
The Competitive Situation of Clothing and Textile Industry PDF
Daina Jansevičiūtė 18-24
Enterprise Information Systems and Activity Process PDF
Gražina Kalibataitė 25-31
The Elements of Competitive Environment of an Enterprise: A Case of Oligopolic Markets Comparative Analysis PDF
Algirdas Krivka 32-37
Competences Evaluation of Transport Management Specialists in Baltic States: Research of Students’ Opinion PDF
Kristina Ledauskaitė 38-42
Conversion of Abbandoned Military Areas PDF
Daiva Marcinkevičiūtė, Gintautas Ambrasas 43-48
Analysis of Student Knowledge Evaluation Applying Self-Assessment Methodology: Criteria, Problems and Results PDF
Agnė Matuliauskaitė, Edmundas Žvirblis 49-54
Systematic Approach To Households Housing Credits‘ Analysis PDF
Erika Milerytė, Daiva Jurevičienė 55-61
Banking Consolidation Process and Impact to Financial Stability PDF
Lina Novickytė 62-68
Networking in the Transport Sector: Inter-Firm vs Intra-Firm Perspective PDF
Justas Nugaras, Asta Radzevičienė 69-74
Intercultural Competence Development in EU Banking Sector PDF
Indrė Pliopaitė, Asta Radzevičienė 75-82
Evaluation of Multi Residential House Renovation Efficiency PDF
Daiva Rapcevičienė 83-89
The Influence of State‘s Capital Structure on Econo-mic Growth PDF
Agnė Šimelytė 90-96
Improvement of Product Innovations Development Models PDF
Rolandas Strazdas, Rimvydas Bareika 97-103
Challenges of Personal Finance Management under Instable Economic PDF
Kamilė Taujanskaitė, Daiva Jurevičienė 104-111
The Tendencies of Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices in Lithuania and European Union PDF
Ūla Urbaitė 112-118
Wage Change in the Lithuanian Labour Market PDF
Laura Žiogelytė 119-125
Intellectual Capital Management in Transport Sector PDF
Asta Znakovaitė, Arnoldina Pabedinskaitė 126-133

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