Vol 5, No 3 (2013)

K. Šešelgis’ Readings – 2013

Table of Contents

Green Architecture Paradigm: from Urban Utopia to Modern Methods of Quality Assessment PDF
Gintaras Stauskis 181-188
Information on Resources Available on the Land Lot for Integrated Building Design PDF
Vytautas Martinaitis, Vygantas Žėkas 189-194
Emergence of Ecological Planning Abroad and in Lithuania PDF
Justina Mačiukėnaitė, Giedrė Gudzinevičiūtė 195-202
Ideals of City Planing in the Soviet Period PDF
Matas Šiupšinskas, Ieva Cicėnaitė 203-207
Evaluation of Landscape Ecological Aesthetics of Green Spaces in Latvian Large Cities PDF
Maija Jankevica 208-215
ICTs as a Tool to Increase the Attractiveness of Public Spaces PDF
Reinhold Lehel Stadler 216-228
Diversity of Landscape Aesthetics in Rural, Periurban and Urban Ecosystems PDF
Lilita Lazdāne, Maija Jankevica, Daiga Zigmunde 229-241
Landscape in the Curonian Spit. Expression of Identity PDF
Nijolė Piekienė 242-247
Evaluation of Livonian Village Landscapes in Latvia PDF
Natalija Nitavska, Ilze Draudina 248-255
Morphostructural Transformation of Suburban Settlements (Insight to the Research Methodology) PDF
Matas Cirtautas 256-565
Watermill and Small-Scale Hydroelectric Power Plant Landscapes Assessed According to Ecological Aspects PDF
Lilita Lazdāne 266-274
Interwar Period Rural and Suburban Dwelling-House Architecture in Kaunas County PDF
Stanislovas Čepinskas 275-281
Origins and Application of Postmodern Trends in Private Dwelling-Houses of Lithuania, 1987–1998 PDF
Aistė Galaunytė 282-288
Spatial Narrative and Perception of Space in Historical and Contemporary Architectural Compositions PDF
Gytis Oržikauskas 289-295
Digitizing Methods in Regeneration of Masonry Castles PDF
Inga Genytė 296-301
ormation and Architectural Development of the Lithuanian Manor (Yard) PDF
Indrė Kačinskaitė 302-308
Architecture of the First Railway in the Interwar Lithuania PDF
Iveta Dabašinskienė 309-315
Comparative Study of Christian and Pagan Burial Constructions PDF
Eglė Bazaraitė, Teresa Heitor 316-321

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