Vol 2, No 3 (2010)

K. Šešelgis Readings - 2010

Table of Contents

Present Challenges Faced by the Young Scientists Interested in Architecture PDF
Gintaras Stauskis 5-10
State-of-the-Art Conception of the Peri-Urban Area PDF
Matas Cirtautas 11-17
The Image of Vienna: City as Museum or Dynamic Developed Metropolis? PDF
Mara Liepa-Zemesa 18-23
Essential Forms and Tendencies with Respect to the Implementation of Representational Strivings at Architectural Competitions PDF
Darius Linartas 24-30
Istanbul and the Heritage of the European City PDF
Katharina Sucker 31-37
Social and Architectural Aspects of Revitalization of Historic Urban Centers: Foreign Experience PDF
Indrė Gražulevičiutė-Vileniškė, Vilius Urbonas 38-45
The Architectural Features and Prevalence of Contemporary Landmarks in Kaunas City PDF
Almantas Bružas 46-51
The Conception of National Identity in Contemporary Lithuanian Architecture PDF
Julija Reklaitė 52-59
Pedestrian Traffic Conditions of Rural Roads and Built-Up Areas: The Analysis of the Existing Situation and Possibilities of Improving Traffic Conditions PDF
Nemunas Abukauskas, Egidijus Skrodenis 60-66
The Effect of Roads and Streets on Social and Spatial City Structure PDF
Irina Matijošaitienė 67-72
Integration of Indoor Ski Slopes into the Urban Recreation System PDF
Inga Urbonaitė 73-79
Traditional and New Tendencies to Outdoor Sacral Spaces in Lithuania PDF
Linas Krūgelis 80-85

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