Vol 3, No 3 (2011)

K. Šešelgis reading - 2011

Table of Contents

Empowering Research in Architecture by Community Involvement and Wider International Cooperation PDF
Gintaras Stauskis, Uģis Bratuškins 5-10
The Origins and Directions of Large Scale Post-War Residential Districts PDF
Petras Džervus 11-15
Landscape Composition Development Stages in Multi-Storey Residential Areas of the Baltic Sea Region PDF
Una Īle 16-22
A la Carte Urban Policies. Mega-Events: From Exceptionality to Construction of Ordinary Planning Practices. A Look at Italy: Case Study of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin PDF
Alexia De Steffani 23-29
Urban Territorial Commmunities and their Influence Forming Urban Recreational Territories PDF
Inga Urbonaitė 30-37
Urban Development Effect on Passive House Energy Consumption PDF
Edgars Suvorovs 38-44
Development Opportunities of latvIan Historical Parks. Example of Kurzeme PDF
Kristīne Dreija 45-52
Spatial Apparatuses in Central Asia. The Case of Astana PDF
Gianni Talamini 53-58
Reality and Perspectives of Public Participation in Urban Planning and Design Processes PDF
Matas Cirtautas 59-66
Building Energy and Architectural Form Relationships PDF
Roberts Riekstiņš 67-71
The Objects in Western Lithuania of Alternative Eneretics, Their Impact for the Visual Environment and Possibilities of Effect Optimization PDF
Jonas Abromas, Diana Baravykaitė 72-76
Tradition of Wooden Architecture –Parallels Between Lithuanian and Finnish Exeption PDF
Arnoldas Gabrėnas 77-85
Contemporary Use and Preservation Challenges of Prehistoric and Ancient Religious Complexes PDF
Zina Masilionytė, Indrė Gražulevičiūtė-Vileniškė 86-94
Fireplace in a Structure of Archaic Dwelling-House PDF
Karolina Buivydaitė 95-100
Urban Cores in the Valey of River Neris in Vilnius – System or Uncontroled Coincidence? PDF
Monika Kajackaitė 101-108
The Contemporary Architecture Landmarks: Placing an Iconic Building in a Hierarchical Clasification System PDF
Almantas Bružas 109-114
National Representation in the Constituent Seimas (Parliament) Interior by Vladimir Dubenecky (1924) PDF
Lina Preišegalavičienė 115-123
Interaction Between Architecture and Arts in the Interior of “Lietkoopsajunga” Building PDF
Indrė Gudelytė 124-130
The Lack of Holistic Approach in the Problematic of Lithuanian Heritage Protection in the Beginning of the 20th PDF
Dalius Vrubliauskas 131-135

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