Vol 1, No 5 (2009)

Civil Engineering

Table of Contents

Possibilities of Using Concrete Waste in the Further Production of Concrete Composite PDF
Olga Finoženok, Ramunė Žurauskienė 5-9
Impact of Pigments on Self-Compacting Concrete PDF
Ernestas Ivanauskas, Donatas Grigonis 10-14
Investigation into the Properties of Sintered Ceramics from Dysna Clay and Non-Plastics Additives PDF
Jolanta Pranckevičienė, Valdas Balkevičius 15-19
Concrete Production Using Technogenical, Constructional and Domestic Waste PDF
Marija Vaičienė 20-24
Dependence of Strength Enhacement on Shock Front Overpressure: The Case of RC Structures PDF
Virmantas Juocevičius 25-29
The Influence of Flame Retardant Treated Timber Density on Combustibility PDF
Zbignev Karpovič 30-33
The Problem of Sprinkler Reliability PDF
Jurgita Šakėnaitė 34-40
Bending Moment Decrease of Reinforced Concrete Beam Supported by Additional CFRP PDF
Mykolas Daugevičius 41-44
Composition Feature of the Element Tangent Stiffness Matrix of Geometrically Nonlinear 2D Frame Structures PDF
Romanas Karkauskas, Michail Popov 45-49
Analysis of the Behaviour of Composite Steel and Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slabs PDF
Mindaugas Petkevičius 50-55
Crack Width Analysis of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Elements PDF
Darius Ulbinas, Gintaris Kaklauskas 56-62
Criteria Describing High-Rise Buildings PDF
Ernestas Gaudutis 63-67
Development of Ecological Buildings PDF
Andrius Keizikas, Josifas Parasonis 68-71
Methodical Principles of Complex Multistorey Apartment Buildings Reconstruction PDF
Jonas Ruseckas 72-78
Up-To-Date Architectural Heritage Register PDF
Živilė Šulskaitė 79-83
Deep Foundation Modeling with Morh-Coulomb Model in Dense Sands with Dilatancy PDF
Darius Macijauskas, Jonas Amšiejus 84-88
Analysis of Varation between Cone and Shaft Resistance in Moraine Clays PDF
Renata Matijenko 89-93
Increase in Organization Effectiveness Using Voice Analysis: The System Approach PDF
Lina Bartkienė 94-97
The Analysis of Renovation Strategies of Multi-Storey Apartment Houses in Residential Districts PDF
Jurgita Ramanauskaitė 98-102
Real Estate Price Bubble and Its Impact in the Baltic States PDF
Laura Tupėnaitė, Loreta Kanapeckienė 103-108
Multicriteria Verbal Analysis Solving Problems of Territorial Planning PDF
Andželika Višnevskaja 109-113
Particulate Matter Air Pollution, Its Influence on Life Quality and the Means of Reducing Indoor Air Pollution PDF
Agnė Matuliauskaitė 114-117
A Survey of Ergonomic Evaluation Methods and the Peculiarity of Applying Them in Lithuania PDF
Simona Jokantaitė 118-121

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