Science – Future of Lithuania / Mokslas – Lietuvos Ateitis, Vol 4, No 4 (2012)

Modelling Column Bases of Semi-Rigid Steel Frames: Stiffness and Strength Calculation

Žilvinas Bučmys
Rimtautas Dališanskis


The paper examines the models and stiffness efficiency of the column base of semi-rigid steel frames, reviews stiffness calculation methods and calculates the rotation of column base connection in two ways: analytical, according to LST EN 1993-1-8, and finite element, applying nonlinear analysis. Two groups of modelling have been made: the first group deals with changes in the thickness of the base plate; the second one shows a different diameter of the anchor bolt. The obtained results reveal the influence of the base plate and anchor bolt on the stiffness of column base connection. The article discusses differences in the euro code and linear analysis: minimum difference makes 61,6% and maximum – 73,7%. For calculating the strength of the column base, a conservative model has been employed, i.e. according to the Eurocode, the received values are smaller compared to nonlinear analysis: minimum difference makes 37,0% and maximum – 49,0%.

Article in: Lithuanian

Article published: 2012-11-28

Keyword(s): semi rigid joints; column base; numerical modelling; nonlinear analysis

DOI: 10.3846/mla.2012.47

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