Science – Future of Lithuania / Mokslas – Lietuvos Ateitis, Vol 4, No 3 (2012)

Interlinks of Cultural and Creative Economies Through Creative Products and Services

Rasa Levickaitė


The paper focuses on contemporary creative cultural economy concepts and presents formation background and confrontational points of view discussed by variety of authors. The scope of the creative economy is determined by creative industries exponent. If culture is perceptible in the anthropological or functional sense, one might use the concept of the cultural product. An alternative definition of creative products and services originates from a created value type: one might say these products and services, no matter what commercial value they would obtain, together hold a cultural value which financially cannot be evaluated to the final point. It means different types of cultural activities and products or services produced are evaluated both by producers and consumers due to social and cultural reasons which add or exceed purely economic evaluation. For example, aesthetical value or community identity is hardly measured and interspersed into traditional evaluation characteristics. Cultural value is designated and is perceived as an observed characteristic whereas cultural products and services could be equalized with other product types.

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Article published: 2012-07-09

Keyword(s): creative economy; cultural economy; creative industries; cultural industries; creative products; creative services

DOI: 10.3846/mla.2012.40

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