Science – Future of Lithuania / Mokslas – Lietuvos Ateitis, Vol 2, No 4 (2010)

Research on Transfering the Dynamic Process by the Spring

Vytautas Bučinskas
Jevgenij Dmitrijev


The article describes the particulars of transferring the dynamic process applying the spring and explains the possibilities of diagnostics for support bearings insulated from the external body using resilient elements. The carried out research has revealed methodology for investigation and suggested a suitable research stand. The input signal of impulse type was submitted to the system to observe free oscillations in the stand. Also, the system was stimulated employing an electromagnetic vibrator to research the transfer function of the spring. Finally, using output and input signals at the ends of the spring, the transfer function was derived.

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Keyword(s): diagnostics; bearings; dynamical methods; experimental research

DOI: 10.3846/mla.2010.060

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