Science – Future of Lithuania / Mokslas – Lietuvos Ateitis, Vol 7, No 3 (2015)

Genetic Algorithms for Multidimensional Scaling

Agnė Dzidolikaitė (Vilnius University Institute of Informatics and Mathematics, Lithuania)


The paper analyzes global optimization problem. In order to solve this problem multidimensional scaling algorithm is combined with genetic algorithm. Using multidimensional scaling we search for multidimensional data projections in a lower-dimensional space and try to keep dissimilarities of the set that we analyze. Using genetic algorithms we can get more than one local solution, but the whole population of optimal points. Different optimal points give different images. Looking at several multidimensional data images an expert can notice some qualities of given multidimensional data. In the paper genetic algorithm is applied for multidimensional scaling and glass data is visualized, and certain qualities are noticed.

Article in: English

Article published: 2015-07-13

Keyword(s): multidimensional scaling; genetic algorithms; visualization.

DOI: 10.3846/mla.2015.781

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